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After talking with a few key customers we realized a need to provide students with a low cost product. We are hopeful that they will continue using us once the graduate. We are also hopeful they will tell their friends and faculty about our services. While profits are marginal at best, we look at this as an investment for the future.
Rule One: All authors on a research poster must be students. If there are more than one author , than a student ID must be presented for each author.
Eligibility and Requirements

  • P.H.D., Graduate and Undergraduate students orders will be accepted only
  • We require a scan or a image of your student ID be uploaded with your order.
  • We only accept credit cards for Student orders
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    We provide you with a PDF of your Powerpoint Poster if you do not know how to make a PDF. If you send us a PDF, we assume it's read to print. If you send us a PowerPoint file, we won't print it until we get your approval from test the e-proof. We don't know what fonts or what systems it was created on, so formatting may be changed. PowerPoint does not embed fonts. It tried to find the nearest font to the extent of: If you choose a sans-serif font it will substitute a sans-serif font. If you send us a serif font it will substitute a generic Serif font.
    We will ship the same day for orders on the west coast if your e-proof is approved in time. For east of the Mississippi schools, we will ship within one or two days max. If you want to pay an extra $40.00 for same day service, please check the box indicating you want same day service. We can accept orders up to 2:30pm EST. Please send us an email if you plan to use the service so we can be sure we we are ready. If you hit us at the last minute , like past the deadline time in the hopes we can get it to you, the odds of having a bad expereince with us increase exponentially.

    Materials and Printer
  • Glossy Paper:This is a 8 mil thick which is just 20% lighter than our regular paper at 10MM. It has a nice Glossy Finish. In addition we will be running it on our new Roland Rs-640. That means the will be printed with waterproof scuff proof ink.
  • Super Smooth Vinyl: This is the same vinyl that we use in our professional reach posters. It's more expensive relative to the paper because the material is quite expensive and production time is longer. However it provides serious benefits for our customers. The top print side has a smooth paper like semi gloss finish. With many vinyl's and fabrics there are small holes in the fabrics and the vinyl is scrim or calendared which means bumps. Fabric has a tendency to de saturate a print making it look muddy in comparison to what it should look like. A Scrim Vinyl makes it difficult to read and be wildly expensive on a standard inkjet printer. The cost difference can easily be justified if you are traveling. You can fold it and carry with your carry on and not incur a $50.00 charge. It is much harder to rip or kink than paper. Kinks will also come out if you have access to a heat source or you can lay heavy phone book on it for the night. Tears and kinks in paper are permanent and difficult to repair. As you choose, consider your needs. The cheapest way to go can sometimes be the most expensive.
  • Important: This portion of the site is still in Beta. If you have any problems whatsover, click on the file-upload button on the right (It's on every page) ), upload your student Id along with your poster and fill out the fields. Use the message area to indicate if you want Paper or vinyl. We will call you back to advise you of price and get delivery and payment information
    The prices are so low compared to our regular prices that we need you to fill out the student identification form before showing them to you.
    Student Indentification Form (all feilds required)
    First Name
    Last Name
    Upload a JPG of your Student ID