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PowerPoint Files

September 30th, 2010 · No Comments

All the Power Point files we receive are for medical conferences where there is a poster session. Most  poster session have different size specifications . The one problem with PowerPoint is there is a file size limitation of 56″. There are a coule of ways we can handle this.

1. Size your file to half the size of the final output. An example would be a 4′ x 8′ file. You would size you PowerPoint file to 24″ x 48″

2. If you are borrowing a template and want it bigger but already have placed all your content, we can upsize the file here to certain degree. It will always main it’s proportional relationship between width and height.
Example: You have a 36 x 56 file.  We can size it to as much as 48 x 74 with no loss of sharpness.

Be Careful when you specify the size of the file to us. Many times people will ask us for a 48 x 72 and the file size is 48 x 56. We can’t get to 48 x 72 without some charges.

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Ordering a poster

September 30th, 2010 · No Comments

We try to make this process as easy as possible.

1. You can use our site .

Click on pricing and then select the type of poster you want ( research, outdoor banner etc) which will
bring you to the pricing page. You can enter custom sizes or select a preset size. Click add to cart. Then it ‘s like some of the e-commerce sites you have seen with one exception, after you register or login, you will be presented with 3 -4 choices of how you wish to get your file to use. If you want to upload it right there, click upload as the number one choice and you’ll be sent to a file uploader. Then once the upload is complete, you’ll see a preview page where the file is matched to your poster. You can change the file or continue on to select shipping and check out.

2. Even Faster:

Click on the upload files button on the right hand side of every page. A pop box will appear. If you have logged in, all it will as you to do is upload your files and tell us the size and the material you want your poster printed on. We’ll handle the rest.

3. The Fastest:

Provided your email server doesn’t place a strict limitation on the size of out going files, you can send your files to files@theimagefactory.com

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September 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Can I send you  files?

Yes . You can send files to at files@theimagefactory.com. If you don’t have time to go through the site we are always happy to work with you in whatever way suits you the best. Please put a phone number along with the size and type of per. If your not sure we can discuss it with you

What Types of files will you accept?

We can take all Office file types to PDFs and most of the major software native files. To assure pixel to pixel accuracy the best  file top is PDF. We also accept many PowerPoint files too.

I never designed a poster before and I have no budget, can you help?

Sure. No one wants to work for free, but as long as you are having the poster printed here, we can assist you by providing you with templates with your schools logos on them and help you with place text and images you have from other programs.

I have a big file, I can’t email it to you, and I don’t have time to go through the e-commerce area. What do I do?

We built a file uploader just for you that you can reach by clicking here or when you are on or home page click on the button on the right hand side.

That will bring up this

Click on the browse button to find the files on your computer to upload and fill in the size and materal as shown below and then click upload. We will take care of the rest.

You have four Materials for research Posters, which one will suit my needs the best?

We have these four for a couple of situations that we find have been consistent with our customers through the years.

1. The Archival Matte and the Premium Luster Papers, are for people who are on a tight budget , don’t have to travel far and are willing to take the risks of shipping damage and other problems that might arise like tears and kinking ( when the poster folds over because it hits something. The kinks are permanent and are actually harder to deal with than tears. However, if you are careful you can will find they are a very good deal as we only use the best paper available for these posters.

2. The Super Smooth Vinyl Poster costs about 30% more than a paper poster. The differences are considerable. They are water proof and scuff proof. They are also tear proof and kink proof . That doesn’t mean they can’t be torn but it won’t happen unless someone is physically trying to tear it. Kinks can be worked out using in a few hours just buy putting a heavy object where the kink developed. You can also roll it real tight and they will work themselves out that way.

The surface is like paper. It’s a semi Gloss , paper smooth finish. It’s also a block-out material which means no light can shine through it. Because the surface is a semi gloss you won’t have problems with light reflections which can be distracting to someone who is trying to read type when they stop by your display.

Finally you can fold it and put it in a carry on on. We suggest folding it like a shirt where the creases are very light. That way when you unfold it it won’t take long for the poster to look like it just came off the printer. This can save you $50 if you are traveling which usually covers the difference between the less expensive kinds of posters we carry.

It is also  perfect for shipping. Somehow UPS has mangled more paper posters over the years than they ever should. This is really bad when it’s a  last minute poster. I have had students literally crying as I tried to find an all night Kinkos or talked them through the tears. The biggest problem though again is the kinks. Not so with the vinyl posters. We have never had a problem with any of the ones we shipped.

We are very enthusiastic about it because it makes our customers look good, keeps their work safe and gives us peace of mind too.

3. The Laminated posters have been around since we started large format in 1993. . It does provide more protection but it has to be rolled and put in a tube when transporting it. It’s fairly safe to ship. It is water proof and scuff proof. It is also more expensive than the Super Smooth Posters. They look very good. We put a matte laminate to avoid reflections. People are always pleased with them.

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Illustrator and Corel Draw

February 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Since our main claim to fame is fast turn around , customer files need to be ready to go when they get her. If they are missing fonts, images or other problems that don’t allow us to print, it can get hairy. Especially if the customer can’t be contacted and is expecting the output the next day.

In order to to make an EPS or PDF document saved from Corel or Illustrator, spot colors should be converted to process unless you are submitting artwork for die cutting. More on this later.

The first critical step is to be sure to convert your fonts to paths


Create the text in Illustrator

Step 2 Select The Text

Step 3: Select Create outlines in the Text Menu:

Corel Draw

1. Go to the Edit menu and choose select all–>text
2. Go to the Arrange Menu and select Convert to Curves.

Doing this will insure that the formatting of your text and font choices will be intact when the files are sent. We have seen many files where the Designer still sends us an Illustrator file and forgets to create outlines of her text. When it arrives the text is garbled and unformatted as illustrator is not really great at picking a font that closely resembles what was sent. That’s good if a designer is very picky about typography. It’s bad when the client is in a rush and the designer is no where to be found.

Saving to PDFs works most times as long as the check box is enabled for embedding fonts. The check box is not easy to find either. Many clients automatically assume that saving to PDF will embed the Fonts. In a majority of jobs, that is what happens. But we have seen enough jobs come in where they didn’t come in embedded. That creates the same problems as the illutsrator file. As many times a designer’s client is the one who is in possession of the PDF. The designer is nowhere to be found. That leaves it up to us to either find the missing font or get it’s nearest cousin while paying close attention to the typography.

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A Printer Story

February 13th, 2010 · No Comments

For the past 3.5 years we had been struggling with a very expensive printer we bought that puts out vinyl research poster and Banners. It was a derivative design of a smaller printer that didn’t translate well to a printer nearly twice3s as wide.  In short this printer made out production people half nuts. We have high standards of quality we have to meet in order to get repeat business. It’s crucial that we not only get the poster out in a timely manner but it has to look as good as we possibly can make it. On this particular printer it became harder and harder to do it until it was nearly impossible. Despite numerous replacements of parts the manufacturer was unable to get the printer working in the manner it was when we first got it. By this time it was taking 5 hours to print one 3 x 5 foot standard research poster . Sometimes for no explicable reason it would spit some ink up usually right at the end of the print job. We had it on it’s highest setting so it wouldn’t band. That meant to get one good poster out it took 10 hours and twice the material on average.

In November the production people couldn’t take it any longer . Despite the recession and because of the recession we realized we couldn’t afford to such a low level of productivity with a high chance of failure. So we bought the new RS 640 By Roland which has been the difference between a Yugo and  Mercedes. If you have ordered Vinyl posters from us in the past, you should take this out for a spin, with our price matching,  100% satisfaction Guarantee , you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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