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A Printer Story

February 13th, 2010 · No Comments

For the past 3.5 years we had been struggling with a very expensive printer we bought that puts out vinyl research poster and Banners. It was a derivative design of a smaller printer that didn’t translate well to a printer nearly twice3s as wide.  In short this printer made out production people half nuts. We have high standards of quality we have to meet in order to get repeat business. It’s crucial that we not only get the poster out in a timely manner but it has to look as good as we possibly can make it. On this particular printer it became harder and harder to do it until it was nearly impossible. Despite numerous replacements of parts the manufacturer was unable to get the printer working in the manner it was when we first got it. By this time it was taking 5 hours to print one 3 x 5 foot standard research poster . Sometimes for no explicable reason it would spit some ink up usually right at the end of the print job. We had it on it’s highest setting so it wouldn’t band. That meant to get one good poster out it took 10 hours and twice the material on average.

In November the production people couldn’t take it any longer . Despite the recession and because of the recession we realized we couldn’t afford to such a low level of productivity with a high chance of failure. So we bought the new RS 640 By Roland which has been the difference between a Yugo and  Mercedes. If you have ordered Vinyl posters from us in the past, you should take this out for a spin, with our price matching,  100% satisfaction Guarantee , you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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