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Some amazing illustrations can be done with a little bit of creativity and some good images. We have 10 years of experience in digital photo illustration.

1. Porsche: We used separate images of a $12.00 Porsche model, a middle-aged Porsche wanna-be owner and some sky to create this image. It was used for a client that repos cars for large banks.

2. Guitar: Used in a guitar ad . Three images. The guitar on slate, a model, and colored water. This one went together very quickly. Under 1 hour.

Turnaround: Generally we can get screen proofs turn-around in 48 hours or less. We can work with art directors or create multiple concept proofs budget permitting.

Pricing: $80.00 per hour...with a 1 Hour Minimum. Large projects will be quoted by project with a top and a bottom cap.