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This is the place for every conceivable one can imagine. If you need computer equipment , gadgets, clothes along with TVs , this is the place to go and bid. Much of the stuff you buy here can be resold on EBay if your looking for a little extra cash
September 25, 2010

Amazon doesn't always have the best prices, but their logistics/delivery system is nothing short of awe-inspiring. They sell just about everything used and new. If nothing else, read the user reviews of products your considering.
February 17, 2010

Newegg .com- For all things Digital
We go here for all of our parts and PC requirements. They consistently have the best prices on the net and and a very well organized site. They have Wish lists that can be converted to shopping carts plus first rate online customer service

The true measure of a first rate supplier is their reaction when there are problems that go outside of set policies. As I recently experienced, if there is any doubt, puts it's customers first. They truly deserve your business
January 19, 2006

Price Grabber
Even more complete than CNET shopper. Check prices and merchant reviews here before purchasing anything.
November 25, 2003

Tech Bargains
Targeting the best deals on Tech
November 18, 2003

Cnet Shopper
We always check prices here for major hardware purchases before we buy.
March 10, 2001

Best site for getting the lowest prices on RAM, Hard drives, processors and variety of other computer parts
March 10, 2001