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We have a mix of Macs and High Powered PCs (New Core 2 PCs ) running the latest proven OS's. We can handle virtually any file. We have years of experience in all the major applications and operating systems.

Wide Format Output


The Roland RS 640 63 inch wide Printer with Eco Solvent Max Ink prints at Photographic resolutions with no banding. Banding used to be the curse of our research vinyl products, but with Roland's new technology, banding is a nightmare of the past. The 640 Roland Printer allows us to sell competitively priced Research Posters printed on smooth paper like Vinyl with Photographic Quality. Since the inks are water proof and scuff proof, it outputs the perfect research poster for portability when traveling to best of breed quality displays. It won't kink, get ruined in shipping, or get torn if a customer is by themself when displaying a long poster. It's wide enough that we can print up to 5 feet wide . This means we can also print 19" wide hand outs along side a 3 x 5 or 3 x 6 poster at a reasonable price.

A IPF8000 Canon Printer. 12 Color Pigment inks with Red Blue and Green in addition to the CMYK. Produces stunning images at lightening fast speed.

A new 65" Pressure Sensitive Laminator mounter. We are now able to laminate indoor and outdoor and mount virtually all substrates. More importantly we are now able to put out Vehicle Graphics from Adhesive Decals to Magnetic signs professionally cut and ready to apply. In combination with our Eco-Solvent printer we can make them virtually impervious to outside elements. This addition also helps us keep our prose of fast turn around. This completes our ability to provide a complete solution to your indoor and outdoor needs at lightening fast speeds with some of the best pricing on the net.

We Added a new interactive help forum that you can get to by click on the button directly to the right. It also constant much more in depth information about our capabilities and how we can serve you. You also find numerous tips on file prep, image enhancements and formats to help you help us get you the best looking output for your money. You can also ask questions or make comments. We have an upload picture capability, so you can visually describe a problem you are trying to solve or just upload a cool design that you finished.

Color Proofing

Screens are calibrated to Print output as close as possible.
Clients get screen proofs when they email files so there are no nasty surprises.


Three Film and Flatbed Scanners

Broadband Connectivity:

We have multiple redundant high speed broadband connections. We own and run our own mail and Web servers in House. Recent upgrades allow us to take 500-to a Gig file through a browser upload to through our web server.


We now have a file upload and express order widget. The widget can be used on the font of our site or anywehre you want to place it from a blog to your orginizations's website. It's designed to minimize the time spent gettting files to us to print while bypassing your mail server. Upload speeds are fast depnding on your own line speed. We have no file size limitations.

We also have no file size limitations on our mail servers, although we find that customers do have limits. If you have a large file and a slow connection,call us at 317-577-3716 or 317-579-0160


We also have the ability to program private portals with any organizations purchasing procedures. This allows you to use us as an extension to your organization. Simply list your annual needs and the notifications and forms you need for your people to make purchases, and we'll program a special area for you.

We also archive customer files for many years. Although some files are time sensitive, we find customers need logos or other elements from the art. If you do business with us and lose a important graphic file. Ask us. We may have it.

We also have 3 Logo artists on call that can reproduce a logo from a small web image into a full size and scalable art file (vector) in hours. Our prices are reasonable too. From $50-$100.
If there is a large Poster order with it, it is sometimes thrown in for free.


We support the following software. If you find yourself with a file you are not sure about, ask us.

Windows 98/2000/XP/x64/Vista/Vista x64/ Windowz and Windows 7 x64
Adobe PDF
Corel Draw X4
Office 2010, Office 2007,Office 2003
FreeHand 11.0
Illustrator all versions including CS5
InDesign CS5

Microsoft Publisher 2003, 2007
Photoshop all versions through CS5
PowerPoint 2010, 2007, 2003 97
QuarkXpress 6.5
Word 2010, 2007, 2003

Macintosh-OSX 10.4.2 and Classic 9.22
Adobe PDF
Excel 2004
FreeHand MX,
Illustrator CS1
InDesign 3.0
PageMaker 6.52
Photoshop CS
PowerPoint 2004
QuarkXpress 6.1
Word 2004
OSX 10.3.8
Apple I-Works

For Best results we urge our clients to convert their files to compressible Adobe PDF files or jpgs. PowerPoint files are easy for us to work with and are usually small enough to send. For Poster Printing, there is really no need to send us loose files from Quark and some of the other layout programs. We will take them, but generally it adds time to the order if there are problems with missing or corrupted fonts or image files.

With that said, we are experts in trouble shooting existing files or designing a brand new poster from a few images and some text you have. On our interactive quote form you can decide what you want to pay by telling us how many hours to put into the design at $60.00 per hour. If your price target is somewhat low, we'll tell you. If the print quantity is high, we may just do it for free.

If you have the capability to convert these files to PDFs or Image files, it will be much simpler. We will always send a proof back by email, so if there is a problem, it can be corrected and sent back to us.

This allows us to be price leaders while still allowing us to deliver in one day and in some cases the same day with quality that is unsurpassed.

You can go through our our Quote system or Email your files to us with a general description of how you want it printed ( size, price target usage etc) at

Nothing is impossible here.