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9:00am-6:00pm EST

The Image Factory has been in business since 1992. Our Focus has always been in Digital imaging. We started printing Wide format digital prints in 1994 with a Encad NovaJet 11 and have progressed from there. We take pride in maintaining top quality output along with timely deliveries. Here's what we are able to offer you:

1. Experienced Tech's With over 13 years of experience on both Windows O/S and MAC O/S including the New OS/X. We've successfully troubleshot every problem file that has been sent to us with minimal back and forth with the customer. We have seen virtually everything that can goes wrong and know the quickest way to solve the problem. We keep up up on all the latest hardware and software improvements and updates. You literally can't go anywhere and find more knowledgeable people that are so readily available to help you through your project

We have in-depth knowledge of all major publishing programs and office productivity software on both platforms. We don't try to get our customers to use different software programs. We try to work with them to get the best possible output from the software that they use. This includes Microsoft Publisher 2000-2004 & Power Point all versions Mac and PC, Keynote, Pages, Word and Excel and Appleworks. Of course we do accept PDF and Postscript, Quark, InDesign, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Corel , Illustrator and Freehand files. All the latest Versions and old ones too.

3. We are open on all week-ends including most holidays: If you need a wide format print done on the week-end, or a holiday...We're here for you.

4.Online Ordering: Our 7x24 service includes a online state-of-the-art live order system where you can get immediate real time quotes, place orders, check order status, receive automated customer service, discounts off published prices for repeat customers,2-3 click reorders and file archiving. We maintain a wide selection of popular poster materials that you can choose from.

Go to our On Line Commerce Center. and give it a try. If you have any questions, you can talk to a live operator by clicking on the live help button on the right hand side of your screen.

5. Range: We print fine art to outdoor banners and legal and research and scientific presentations. We are color aware and knowledgeable in how to make the best possible poster to fit your budget and your planned use. We have years of experience in printing digital images and award winning designs.

If you have questions, email us, call our toll free number, or click on the Live help button on the right. We won't sell you anything. We can help you to decide what the best combination of materials and ink is required based onyears of experience and thousands of prints. Give us a try