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Quy Tran, UC-Davis Internal Medicine Department

"I have been using The Image Factory for the past several years now to create high quality, high impact research posters. The staff is a pleasure to work with, turnaround is quick, and the end-product is fabulous. I have travelled with these posters, and they always come out looking crisp at the conferences. Despite the high end nature of the posters, the prices are competitive, especially on tight research budgets. Because the posters look professional, I don't have to worry about it, and I can concentrate on my presentation to the judges and audience, which has led me to at least one competition win, and hopefully more in the future. You can be sure that I will continue to use The Image Factory for all my research poster needs."

Bastian Material Handling, LLC

Bastian Material Handling, LLC. is fortunate and glad to be supported by The Image Factory. If a multimedia department could have an in-house output studio, it would be held to the standard The Image Factory has set and maintains. However there is no need to have in-house large format output due to the fact The Image Factory provides this capability for us with the same effect.

For us, in our production and presentation process, the output always gets left to the last possible minute in the 11th hour. Therefore turnaround is on a brutal schedule. In the past the only way to get the output at 3 in the morning was to do it in house with marginal quality. Now due to The Image Factory's online ordering and file transfer we essentially have the same available turnaround, but with far better quality and presentation ready (gatorboard mount and laminate).

With a bit of pre-communication, every deadline has be always been met with exceptional quality and service. When using the word "always" I mean "always" without exception. From the submission of the image to the delivery, I depend on The Image Factory to produce a quality image and to deliver on time without fail. They are truly a vital extension to what I do and of our Bastian Material Handling, LLC.

I sincerely believe their strength is in their passion not only for their business but for ours as well. The process of outputting our large format prints and getting them delivered can mean the difference in obtaining or not obtaining multimillion dollar projects. They understand this and thus is shown by their elation when we are awarded the project or the same devastation if we were unfortunate. The relationship, support and quality is unmatched and unparalleled by anyone I have ever done business with in this industry.

Eric Brunkow
Director of Multimedia
Bastian Material Handling, LLC