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"Quality? I wouldn't trust anyone else but Don at the Image Factory for my limited edition prints."
-- Geoffrey Bjork -- GBI Design

IU School of Infomatics
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We just acquired a 12 Color Pigment ink Printer. In addition to the light colored cyan and magenta found on many printers, it has Red, Green and Blue with light Grey and a photo Grey. What this means is you can make your Research posters with more vivid color and fine detail than you could in the past.

It has a new ink formula that extends the Gamut 20% and appears to dry much faster. That helps if you have a Rush job. We automatically use the Canon when you order a Paper research poster or Indoor poster. The most recent job we did with it is on the left by Geoffrey Bjork of GBI Design <

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  • We just started distributing ADA signs. For more information please click here.
  • We just started accepting Jagtag for IUPUI Students and employees, be patient with us as we work out the kinks
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  • A new printer arrives 63" inches wide and photographic quality you won't believe . Especially suited for our vinyl research posters.
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    by Dr. Malathi Srinivasan
    University of California Davis

    The Image Factory has been a leader in research posters nation-wide for the last twenty years. We have lasted as long as we have only with the help of our customers. We appreciate you.

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